Study sinology abroad: Erasmus cooperation with Naples University

Cover page of La Cina a Napoli by A. Tamburello

As FAU students in sinology (BA and MA) you have the possibility to study one semester or an entire year in the framework of an ERASMUS exchange program in Naples, Italy. In case you are interested please read the guidelines carefully to learn how to prepare for an enriching stay at L’Orientale | Università di Napoli.

If you want to read about the long and complex relations between Naples and China, you might have a look at Adolfo Tamburello’s book (published by TempoLungo in 1970), or for a more more general historical account at Giuliano Bertuccioli and Federico Masini’s book Italia e Cina (L’Asino d’Oro, 2014). It’s even a perfect way to learn Italian before going…!