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Erlangen-Naples Erasmus+ Exchange: Guidelines for Students

Welcome to Erlangen! We are pleased to know that you are interested in spending some time at the Chair for Sinology with a Focus on the Intellectual and Cultural History of China! On this page, you can find the most important information you will need to organize your studies. You will also find important addresses and links, as well as the main contacts at our University. Please, read the Guidelines for Incoming Students carefully!

As FAU students in sinology (BA and MA) you have the possibility to study one semester or an entire year in the framework of an ERASMUS exchange program in Naples, Italy. In case you are interested please read the following guidelines for Outgoing Students carefully to learn how to prepare for an enriching stay at L’Orientale | Università di Napoli.

General Info for Incoming Students

  • Required documents and language certificates:
    • BA: German B1. All classes are taught in German at a BA level.
    • MA: English B2. Note: all MA courses will be in English from the Winter Semester 2024/25.
  • Contact person and Departmental Coordinator(s): All applications will be overseen by the Departmental Coordinator(s), Prof. Andrea Bréard and Jacopo Nocchi. They handle the processing and recognition of the learning agreement and serve as your contact points. In case of need, you are encouraged to contact them in advance for assistance or information.
  • Course selection: For course selection, timetable, and other info, students can contact Jacopo Nocchi or check the website of the Chair, either for BA courses  or for the MA program.

NOTE: To validate their achievements, students need approval from both their home university coordinator and the FAU Sinology Departmental Coordinator(s). It is therefore advisable to consult first with the ERASMUS+ coordinator overseeing the exchange with FAU at your home university too.

  • For more info, students can check the website of the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA), for the German version, see here.
  • Information about Orientation and Integration: Incoming students can access the following services to familiarize themselves with FAU:
  • Optional opportunities:

General Info for Outgoing Students

The Erasmus+ program, offered by the EU Commission, promotes collaboration in education, fostering mobility for students and employees within the EU and sometimes beyond. It allows students to study abroad in European countries, explore languages and cultures, and shape their studies with diverse seminar options. Participants receive monthly financial support (Erasmus+ Funding | FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) and are exempt from host university tuition fees. To qualify, students must be enrolled at FAU and complete at least 10 ETCS during a semester abroad. Specific language criteria may vary by country and partner university — please review the details below carefully

Erasmus+ Partner University: L’Orientale | Università di Napoli (Naples, Italy)

FAU Sinology (BA and MA) students can join an ERASMUS-funded study abroad from a semester to a full year at L’Orientale | Università di Napoli in Naples, Italy. Established in the 1720s, “L’Orientale” stands as a key Italian hub for non-European studies, boasting a rich Sinological research heritage from its early years. If you are keen on this ERASMUS-funded opportunity in Naples, carefully review the guidelines below for deadlines, application procedures, and tips to prepare for a fulfilling stay at L’Orientale | Università di Napoli. You are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with Jacopo Nocchi well in advance to discuss your options and ideas further.

  • General Information
    • Places per month: 2 for 5 months each. Please Note: As only 2 places are available for this program, the process of selection and application is rather competitive. You are highly invited to contact the Departmental Coordinator(s) early to plan your stay and request info.
    • Departmental Coordinators: Prof. Andrea Bréard and Jacopo Nocchi.
    • Language requirements: English B2 is mandatory. Though not mandatory, Italian B1 or B2 are highly recommended by Naples, especially at the BA level. A different policy applies to MA classes with international students. Check up with the Departmental Coordinator(s). See also here for the FAU Erasmus+ Partner Universities and for Studying Abroad at FAU.
    • Deadlines:
    • Information Event

    The Sinology Chair plans an Information Event for students each year, focusing on the ERASMUS+ study abroad and application process. It happens generally at the start of the academic year (early November), with the 2024 date to be announced soon. For more details, visit also: FAU International Education Info Event.

    • Application & Selection Process
      • Application documents
        • Motivation letter (1 page, including a statement of academic and personal reasons, description of your ideas for a study plan at the host university, etc.)
        • Language Proficiency (English B2 and/or Italian B1/B2).
      •  Help with the Application: If you are uncertain or need assistance with the application, it is advised to schedule an appointment with Jacopo Nocchi ahead of time. This will allow you to discuss your potential stay in Naples and its requirements.
      • Selection Criteria: The primary factors considered for selection include coursework, motivation and study plans, and linguistic proficiency. Please note that the selection process is rather competitive, and that all applications will be processed by the Departmental Coordinator(s). Expect some time for the final decision to be made, and await confirmation from your Departmental Coordinator(s) once you have applied (check your email frequently!).
      • Learning Agreement: Following the selection, students need to obtain a Learning Agreement for Studies (DLA) from the Department Coordinator(s). To validate the study abroad for recognition, the DLA must be signed by authorized signatories, Prof. Andrea  Bréard or Jacopo Nocchi.
      • Recognition of Credits: For recognition of achievements from abroad and transfer of credits, it is necessary that students create a study plan with courses that are compatible and coherent with their Sinological curriculum at FAU. To validate their accomplishments, students need approval from both the host university coordinator and the FAU Coordinator(s).

    Please Note: in order to receive the Erasmus funding you should at least complete 10 ECTS during your Erasmus exchange each semester.

    Check the modules of your BA or MA study plan. Find suitable classes in Naples. For cases where you are not sure if the courses can be credited, please contact the Departmental Coordinator(s) in advance.

    • Additional Information for linguistic and intercultural preparation

     FAU offers optional (but highly recommended) opportunities to aid students in their preparation for going abroad. Take advantage of the wide selection of intercultural training programs and language courses, to improve your understanding of interdisciplinary content and cross-cultural exchange:

Erlangen-Naples Erasmus+ Exchange: Guidelines for Lecturers

Lecturers have the opportunity to take part in mobility via Erasmus+ funded stays abroad for teaching. There is no specific application deadline, though it is advisable to apply well in advance for funding. Please contact the Departmental Coordinator(s) at both institutions (home and hosting) if interested, as they will handle your application and help you with the process.

General Info for Incoming Lecturers

General Info for Outgoing Lecturers

  • ERASMUS+ partner University: L’Orientale | Università di Napoli (Naples, Italy)
  • Number of places: 1 per academic year
  • Teaching duties: 8 h (in maximum 5 days). Please note: the lectures’ content, time, and other details should first be discussed with the Departmental Coordinators of both Erlangen and Naples.
  • Funding: 160€/day + travel allowance (275€ non-green/320€ green travel)
  • Eligibility: Funding is available for all types of lecturers employed by the University, retired professors and lecturers, and research staff (of any level, from Prof. to Doctoral candidates). PLEASE NOTE: employees and associates of the Chair of Sinology have priority. Please contact us at least 5-6 months in advance of your planned stay.
  • Departmental Coordinator(s): Prof. Andrea Bréard and Jacopo Nocchi.
  • After the department has approved your stay and the calendar week of the lectureship has been determined, an application for scholarship funds must be made to the RIA (
  • For more info, see: Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA) | FAU internal.