Erlangen-Neapel Erasmus+ Austausch

As FAU students in sinology (BA and MA) you have the possibility to study one semester or an entire year in the framework of an ERASMUS exchange program in Naples, Italy. In case you are interested please read the following guidelines carefully to learn how to prepare for an enriching stay at L’Orientale | Università di Napoli.




Erlangen-Naples Erasmus+ Exchange: Guidelines for Students

Erasmus Departmental Coordinator(s):

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrea Bréard

Mr. Jacopo Nocchi


First step:

  1. Read carefully the documents provided by FAU and by the university L’Orientale in Naples.
  2. Check the courses you might be interested to take:

Please note: Though not mandatory, Italian B1 is highly recommended by Naples, especially at the BA level. A different policy applies to MA classes with international students: Check up with the Departmental Coordinator(s).


Second step:

Get an appointment with Mr. Nocchi (Erasmus Departmental Coordinator) well in advance, to discuss your possible stay in Naples and the requirements.


Third step:

Send a 1-page motivation letter to Prof. Bréard and Mr. Nocchi

Deadlines for application:

Autumn term or full year: June 15th       Spring Term: November 1st

Wait for confirmation from your Departmental Coordinator(s).


Fourth step:

After the confirmation, the Departmental Coordinator(s) will nominate you to Naples through the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA). Follow the guidelines you receive by email from the International Mobility Office and from Naples (check your FAU email frequently). Send the required documents to Naples before the deadline indicated by Naples in their guidelines.

For further information, see the FAU-website of the Erasmus program.