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Chinesischer Wächterlöwe aus Stein.
Chinesischer Wächterlöwe aus Stein.

Tucci Sinologist. The History Narrated by His Own Library (Federica Olivotto, Nationale Zentralbibliothek Rom)

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In 1959 Giuseppe Tucci donated his personal book collection to the Library of the former Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East (IsMEO), now part of the „IsIAO Library – African and Oriental Collection Room“ at the National Central Library of Rome. Some sections of books are dedicated to China, with a specific focus on research areas that especially interested the scholar (history, archaeology, art history, philosophy, history of religions and linguistics), representing an important bibliographic nucleus on Chinese culture. Further, the relevance of this collection lies in the presence on the book pages of autograph dedications, ownership remarks, reading signs, handwritten notes and inserts: these are valuable „clues“ not only to investigate Tucci’s interests, academic activities, research, as well as his professional and personal relationships, but also to gain reliable information on the history of Sinology in Europe during the first-half of the Twentieth Century.

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