Dr. Henrike Rudolph

Dr. Henrike Rudolph

  • Organisation: Institut für Sprachen und Kulturen des Nahen Ostens und Ostasiens
  • Abteilung: Lehrstuhl für Sinologie
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Geschichte der Deutsch-Chinesischen Beziehungen

Minderheitsparteien im modernen China

Historische Netzwerkforschung

10/2012 – 09/2017 PhD student in the graduate program “China in Germany, Germany in China” at Universität Hamburg
Dissertation: “Breaking Golden Ground: Germany and the Theory and
Practice of Vocational Education in Republican China”
01/2016 – 02/2016 Research stay in Shanghai and Taipei (Republic of China)
08/2014 – 07/2015 Visiting PhD candidate at Fudan University Shanghai
09/2008 – 07/2010 Studies at the Chinese Language Institute, Tsinghua University Beijing
10/2006 – 08/2012 Magister in Sinology (first major) and Political Sciences (second major) at Universität Hamburg

Professional Positions
05/2017 – 08/2017 Visiting Scholar at the International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization (ICSCC) at Fudan University Shanghai
10/2012 – 02/2014 Lecturer for “Digital Media Competency for Sinologists”, Asien-Afrika-Institut, Universität Hamburg
04/2011 – 03/2012 Student assistant at the Institute for International Politics, Helmut-Schmidt Universität Hamburg
04/2011 – 02/2012 Student tutor for Chinese language, Asien-Afrika-Institut, Universität Hamburg

Scholarships and Grants
08/2013 – 12/2016 PhD Scholarship, Universität Hamburg and Chinese Ministry of
Education (HanBan)
08/2017 Conference Travel Grant, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
01/2016 Archival Research Travel Grant, Universität Hamburg
10/2015 Conference Travel Grant, Universität Hamburg
07/2014 Conference Travel Grant, Universität Hamburg
06/2012 Magister Graduation Scholarship of the Karl H. Ditze Foundation
09/2008 – 07/2010 Language Study Full Scholarship, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)

Conference Participation and Paper Presentations
09/2017 “Hidden Archives and Lavish Libraries: Promises of Social Network Analysis for Research on Twentieth-Century China”, Third European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN) in Mainz, Germany
05/2017 “The Jiusan Study Group: A Chinese Academic Network Under Early Communist Rule (1944-1956)”, International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) in Beijing, PRC
08/2016 “Republican Education Debates Revisited: The Depiction and Perception of German Vocational Education in Chinese Publications,
1900s-1930s”, 21st Biennial Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
10/2015 “In Search for Fields of Gold: The German Model and its Influence on Vocational Education in Republican China”, 39th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association in Arlington, Virginia, USA
09/2015 “Education for Citizenship and the Education Thought of Chinese Intellectuals of the Republican Period”, 4th London Summer School in Intellectual History at the Queen Mary University of London, Great Britain
06/2015 《近代中国职业教育思想中的德国模式》 (“Vocational Education in Republican China and the Perception of the German Education Model“), Summer School at Fudan University Shanghai
07/2014 “The German Educational System as a Role Model for Vocational Training in Republican China”, 20th Biennial Conference of the
European Association for Chinese Studies at the Universities of Minho and Coimbra, Portugal
03/2013 “The German Vocational Education Model in Republican China”, Workshop of the Graduate Project “China in Germany, Germany in China”, Universität Hamburg, Germany
09/2013 Summer School of the European Association for Chinese Studies at the Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy


Article (Forthcoming): “New Women and Modern Medicine: The Allure of “Germanness” at
Private Midwifery Schools in Republican Shanghai”, 《医疗社会史研究》 (Journal of the Social History of Medicine and Health)
Conference Report: Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis, 30.05.2017 – 04.06.2017 Peking, in: H-Soz-Kult, 24.06.2017,
Book Review (Forthcoming): The Rural Modern – Reconstructing the Self and the State in Republican China by Kate Merkel-Hess, in: H-Soz-Kult